Educational program overview

Gowanbrae Children's Centre provides educational programs for children aged 3-5 year of age.


Learning through play:

At Gowanbrae Children's Centre we provide a stimulating and engaging program which is based on a learning through play philosophy.


Learning through play is about encouraging your children to grow and develop by having hands on experiences, designed to develop and promote children's fine and gross motor skills, social and emotional development and their cognitive development.


Indoor/Outdoor program:

Children are free to engage in experiences of their choice either inside or outside. Play is supported by staff and children are proactive in their choice of experiences; empowering their decision making.


The educational program is based on the children's interests, we incorporate intentional teaching as well as teacher led experiences.


Sports Program:

Each week for a term the children actively engage in a structured sports program run by Sports 4 Kinders


Bush Kinder:

Bush Kinder was introduced to the 4 year old kinder program in 2016. The children are taken off site to a designated area for 3 hours of uninterrupted outdoor play. This is where the children as natural learners have the opportunity to play in the bush using only what nature has provided for them. This is run from 2nd Term. 


Further information about this is provided to the families prior to it commencing.


Progressive snack:

A healthy snack needs to be packed each day. Children make decisions about when they would like to eat their snack as part of our progressive snack process. Children can revisit the table throughout the day eating when they are hungry. 


“No nuts” policy:

Gowanbrae Children’s Centre has a “no nuts” policy. 


Special events:

Children have the opportunity to be involved in various special events throughout the year, including visitors to the Centre, end of term parties, birthday parties, morning teas and more. We provide notice of these events.


Birthday celebrations:

We love to celebrate our children's birthday with them at the Centre. 


Parent involvement:

We really love parent participation and involvement within the program. You may like to get involved by being on the Parent Group, helping out at working bees, gathering resources for us or helping out during a kindergarten session.


Parent/Teacher communication:

At Gowanbrae Children’s Centre we highly endorse open communication between parents and children.


If you wish to discuss our educational program please feel free to contact us.